Bomber jacket over maxi dress

Embroidered bomber worn over black maxi dress

It is still February on the calendar but it is already spring here: the days are warm and sunny and the peach tree in my yard is in full bloom. I'm wearing today a new bomber thrown over a black maxi dress. The jacket was recently gifted to me by my daughter who decided that I am a big fan of bombers, hehe. I do own two bombers but the reason I bought them was their hard-to-resist beautiful print. And though I am not a big fan of bombers I do love this new one too, and for the same reason - its beautifully embroidered pattern.


Casual Anarkali

Anarkali ensemble in green from Biba

Last April I wrote about our visit to Bhaktapur, one of the towns of the Kathmandu valley that was damaged the most during the big 2015 earthquake . Last Saturday we visited the town again. Have to say that now it looks somewhat worse: many of the survived but too much damaged temples were demolished after all, reconstruction works are about to start and there are bricks and polls, sand and cement everywhere that creates a picture of chaos.


Casual maxi skirt

Casual look with floral skirt and cardigan

It's getting warmer and warmer here, no need for a coat or a jacket anymore, at least during day time. A very casual look today but brightened up with a lovely print of the skirt. The skirt was not bought anywhere but made from an old sari. Actually it was not old but rather useless: it turned out that the fabric was not that good for draping. And so, the sari ended up as a skirt...


Embroidered evening dress

Embroidered peacock black evening dress

Perhaps some of you remember the dress that I wore for the New Year Eve party, it was a black dress with a huge sparkling peacock embroidered on the front of it. And today is yet another peacock dress, haha...black as well but with less sparkle and with more peacocks...I saw it in the window of a boutique and those peacocks just stole my heart straight away...don't know why I am so weak for these birds. I have quite an impressive collection of peacock jewelry  and now it seems I have started a collection of dresses, haha...


British menswear heritage

english gentleman style on catwalk photo  source

My blog is about women's clothes and accessories. But now and then I do like to write about men's clothing too, usually it is something unusual - like unique headdresses of the men of India or intricately embroidered costumes of the Guatemala men - that attracts my attention and inspires me to write an article. And after quite some time today is a post dedicated to men again. The post was inspired by a heritage graphic of a 300-year history of British menswear that was sent to me recently by T.M.Lewin. The graphic features main man clothing inventions that originated in Britain and have influenced the world. As it turns out there are plenty of them. Look, there are so many familiar things on the graphic: the bowler hat and the fedora, the brogue and the trench coat, lounge suits and the button-up shirts .